2013 Salary, Health Benefits, & Pension Survey Now Available

MACo is pleased to release the Fiscal Year 2013 Salary, Health Benefits, & Pensions Survey of Maryland County Government.  This survey is published annually each fall using responses from the Human Resource offices of each Maryland county and Baltimore City.  MACo would like to thank the Human Resource offices for providing the content.
This is now the second year the survey has included health benefit and pension information.  The health benefits section provides an overview of the plan offerings of each county for active and pre-65 retirees, and Medicare retirees.  The pensions section provides a comparison of the pension plans offered in each county for general employees, law enforcement, and corrections.  It also includes information on the State pension plans for these employment areas.  If a county participates in one of the State pension plans, it is not listed separately in the chart; however, the county’s State pension plan participation is identified in the footnote.

MACo strives to maintain the quality and utility of each of its publications.  If further information is needed, the names and contact information for all county human resources directors and persons providing information for this survey are provided as a reference.

2013 Salary, Health Benefits, and Pension Survey

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