MDP Releases PlanMaryland Progress Report

On September 24 the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) announced that it had submitted a progress report on PlanMaryland to Governor Martin O’Malley. The 74-page report discusses the status of implementation efforts, including the adoption of planning areas and the creation of state implementation strategies.

From MDP’s press release:

The report follows a nine-month review of how state government programs and policies align with smart growth and the “planning visions” laid out by the General Assembly in the Smart, Green and Growing legislation of 2009. Governor O’Malley accepted PlanMaryland in December 2011.

Since then, 15 agencies that make up the Governor’s Smart Growth Subcabinet have reviewed their programs and proposed more than 90 conceptual strategies to more effectively focus new growth in existing communities, reduce spending on new infrastructure and conserve natural resources. The strategies will be refined during the coming months with additional public input. State agencies have worked with local governments to identify areas to promote growth and protect valued resources. MDP developed an interactive mapping tool at to assist that process.

MDP PlanMaryland Implementation Page

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