Article Highlights Nonprofit Role in Service Delivery

A September 25 Maryland Reporter article announces that Greg Cantori will be taking over as President of Maryland Nonprofits next week.  The article also discusses the role nonprofits play in delivering services at the state and local government levels:

State and local agencies make heavy use of nonprofits to deliver social,  health, housing and educational services. For instance, most of the $876 million  that the state spends to take care of people with developmental disabilities is  funneled through nonprofit groups.

The Governor’s Grants Office and the Maryland Association of Counties  recently cooperated on  a survey that found county governments gave $78 million in grants to more  than 1,100 nonprofit agencies, including $32 million to more than 200 in  Baltimore City.

Overall, nonprofits in Maryland, which include most hospitals and private  universities, employ about 260,000 people, 11% of total employment.


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