Prince George’s County Council Expresses Support for County Executive’s Ethics Proposal

As reported by the Washington Post, the Prince George’s County Council, during its meeting last week, expressed support for County Executive Baker’s proposal to “broaden the ethics office’s responsibilities, beef up its staff and create a tip line for whistleblowers.”  From the article:

The expanded ethics office, with a budget of about $375,000, would for the first time have a full-time executive director and two investigators to probe criminal acts in the county government. The office would also be responsible for ensuring that the county’s 6,000 employees are trained in ethical practices. The council earlier approved a Baker proposal for an additional $140,000 for the state’s attorney’s office to prosecute cases referred by the ethics office.

The council on Tuesday endorsed several elements of Baker’s proposal, which members are expected to approve this fall. The council toughened the measure by requiring a two-thirds council vote to fire an ethics office executive director. Baker had proposed a simple majority vote.

The primary focus of the proposal is to identify fraud and illegal actions in county government.

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