Lt. Governor Shares Vision for Maryland’s Future

Lt. Governor Anthony Brown addressed local officials on Saturday, August 18 during the MACo summer conference to share his vision for Maryland’s future.  His comments focused on the need to build upon progress and create jobs by investing in schools, making health care affordable and accessible for all, modernizing infrastructure, and encouraging private sector growth.

From the press release:

The greatest challenge of our time, for us as leaders and as a State, particularly as we recover from this recession, is to address the persistent gaps and disparities that exist in our communities.  I believe that in counties throughout Maryland, each of us is strengthened when all of us succeed, and we all suffer when members of our communities don’t reach their full potential.  I know that meeting these challenges will be difficult, but I also know each of us has been entrusted by people to make the difficult choices and to ensure a bright future.

The Lt. Governor also commented on Highway User Revenues saying he wishes he could tell counties that these funds could be restored immediately, but fiscal realities do not make this possible.  With respect to the Transportation Trust Fund in general, he commented that traditional solutions are not enough.  We need to focus on new ways to address our infrastructure challenges.

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