Garrett County Raises Concerns Over Proposed Nutrient Management Regulations

In an August 10 letter to the Department of Agriculture, Garrett County Commissioner Gregan Crawford raises numerous county concerns with the Department’s nutrient management regulations.

From the letter:

In my opinion the proposed changes are overly stringent and cannot be applied fairly across the state of Maryland.

It is frustrating for farmers throughout the State of Maryland to be constantly asked to do more and more when at the same time it becomes harder and harder to operate a farming business.  Over 40 farmers attended a meeting last week to learn about these proposed regulation changes and to learn how it would affect their farming business.  This frustration was expressed repeatedly at the meeting.

The letter continues with a list of points to be considered by the Department before finalizing the regulations.

A previous post on Conduit Street highlights the opposition to these proposed regulations by the agricultural community and other stakeholders from across the State.

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