Governor’s Office: Q&A on Special Session

The Governor’s website now hosts a special “Frequently Asked Questions” section on the forthcoming special session.

Among the items discussed on the website:

How soon could there be table games in Maryland? How much revenue will that generate? At what rate will those table games be taxed?

If a majority of Maryland voters vote in favor of the question to expand gaming on the November 2012 ballot, the State Lottery and Gaming Control Commission shall immediately begin the regulatory process to authorize table games. It is estimated that Maryland could have table games by early 2013.

According to the fiscal analysis provided for the Workgroup to Consider the Expansion of Gaming, table games will likely generate approximately $45-51 million per year in additional revenues to the State. The proposed bill would generate that additional revenue by taxing table games at 20% and dedicating those dollars to the Education Trust Fund. If a sixth facility opens, that distribution adjusts to the benefit of the local jurisdiction in which the facility is located — with 5% of the proceeds to the jurisdiction and the remaining 15% to the Education Trust Fund.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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