Somerset County Discussing Septic Limitations

As reported in the Salisbury Daily Times, the Somerset County Commissioners will today hear initial assessment of the effects of recent legislation limiting the placement of new septic systems. From the Daily Times coverage:

Somerset County Commissioners are scheduled to be briefed during a meeting today on how a new septic tank law will affect the county.

The law restricts where residential development can occur, and requires the county to map the county into four tiered zones, said Gary Pusey, the county’s planning director.

The county’s Planning Commission is at work on the map, using the comprehensive plan as a guide, he said.

They also will work closely with the town of Princess Anne and city of Crisfield, which must create their own maps.

The new law will limit the installation of septic systems to minor subdivisions in agricultural-residential zones, Pusey said.

County code now defines a minor subdivision as five lots per parcel, and Pusey said he will recommend changing it to seven lots, which is the maximum allowed.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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