Constitutional Amendment for Transportation Being Pushed as Part of Special Session Agenda

Now that August 9 has been set as the date for a special session to address the expansion of gambling, many other issues are being suggested to become a part of the special session agenda.  One of these issues is a constitutional amendment on transportation funding.  As reported by the Washington Times:

State Sen. James C. Rosapepe and Delegate Brian J. Feldman on Monday released their joint effort to create new state transportation funding and improve transparency in the End the Gridlock Constitutional Amendment.

The amendment would package any future transportation plan and its funding as a ballot issue for voters to decide. The amendment also would restrict money in the current transportation trust fund from being used in other areas of the state budget.

“I think in many people’s minds, the biggest issue facing this region is traffic congestion and the fact we have to do something to invest in transportation infrastructure,” said Mr. Feldman, a Montgomery County Democrat. “The focus of the session clearly is to deal with gambling, but another issue possibly being brought up is pit bulls. I would suggest what’s far more important to the state and to the region is the transportation infrastructure system.”

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