Wicomico BOE Member Resigns in Protest Over Disclosure Requirements

A June 12 Salisbury Times article discusses the recent resignation of a Wicomico County Board of Education member over new financial disclosure requirements for local elected officials and board of education members.  In her letter of resignation to Governor Martin O’Malley, Michelle Wright stated:

“Many of our media outlets are uncaring with such information and would not be held responsible for how information is released and distributed. I hope you understand that my first responsibility is to protect my family and business.”

The new requirements were the result of legislation that passed in 2010 and the article also discusses MACo and MML’s support for  SB 948 in the 2012 Session, which unsuccessfully sought to limit local disclosure requirements to entities that do business with or are regulated by a local government or board.  The article quotes MACo’s SB 948 testimony:

“Citizens have a right to determine if an official is acting for personal gain or putting the interests of the official before the interests of the public, and disclosure requirements play an important role in making such a determination,” MACo stated. “However, disclosure requirements should be commensurate with the general level of authority and power of the official. Local elected officials and school board members have far less power and operate on a far smaller geographic scope than state or nationally elected officials.”

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