Free Online Open Meetings Course Offered

A May 23 Baltimore Sun article announces the creation of a free two and a half hour online course on Maryland’s Open Meetings Act.  The course was jointly created by the Maryland Attorney General’s Office and the University of Maryland’s Institute for Governmental Service and Research.  The course is open to both government officials and members of the public.

One of the major concepts covered in the course is the discussion of when a proceeding can be closed to the public. The law has exceptions for discussions of certain administrative and legal issues, but members of the public can challenge boards who shut them out. In some cases, such challenges have led to government actions being reversed.  …

People who complete the six-section, 10-quiz course will get a certificate of completion.

From the first introductory page of the course:

Upon completion of this virtual class, you will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose of the Open Meetings Act.
  • Determine when the Act applies.
  • Understand the ground rules for holding a meeting that is subject to the Act.
  • Determine when and how a public body can close a meeting to the public.
  • Determine what minutes and other documents are required by the Act.
  • Understand how the Act is enforced.

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