PlanMaryland Planning Area Guidelines Released

The Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) continues to work with State agencies and local governments on the implementation process for PlanMaryland.  MDP has released guidelines, approved by the Smart Growth Subcabinet,  to help local governments designate each of the five Planning Areas and the five Preservation/Conservation Planning Areas.  The guideline sections that describe each Planning Area’s purpose and intent,management and location guidelines, and various objectives that the Planning Area should meet have also been reproduced on a series of summary sheets:

  1. Targeted Growth and Revitalization Areas
  2. Established Community Areas in Priority Funding Areas
  3. Future Growth Areas
  4. Large Lot Development Areas
  5. Rural Resource Areas
  6. Priority Preservation Areas for Agriculture
  7. Natural Resource Areas
  8. Water Resource Areas
  9. Historic and Cultural Resource Areas
  10. Climate Change Impact Areas

Further information regarding the implementation of PlanMaryland can be found at the MDP PlanMaryland Guidance Webpage.

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