Bartlett:G-8 Summit Places Financial Burden on Counties

This week’s 38th annual G-8 Summit scheduled to be held at Camp David has raised concerns amongst some of Maryland’s Congressional members.  Originally scheduled to be held in Chicago, Maryland local officials have  had two months to prepare for the high profile meeting, which is expected to draw thousands of demonstrators.  The Frederick News Post reports that two U.S. Senators Cardin and Mikulski along with Representative Bartlett are asking the federal government to reimburse  local governments for what they are spending on security measures for the meeting.

U.S. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-6th, has a simple message when it comes to whether Frederick County agencies should get federal reimbursement for costs associated with this week’s G-8 summit at Camp David.

“Fair is fair,” Bartlett said Tuesday in a phone interview. “The least they can do is recompense the cost.”


So far, Frederick County has not been promised any federal support, while Chicago — the host of the upcoming North Atlantic Treaty Organization meeting next week — is getting $40 million, officials said this week.

With the G-8 summit just days from convening the leaders of eight nations at Camp David, the Frederick Police Department, county sheriff’s office and others are working overtime to make sure residents are protected.


The amount of security needed depends on two things, Bartlett said.

Local law enforcement must prepare for the worst, Bartlett said. If there ends up being a lot of protests, more officers will need to be called in at the last minute, he said.

“They want to have enough show of force to discourage any unruly behavior,” Bartlett said. “I hope the protesters make their point in a civilized way.”

With some roads closed in Frederick County and public school classes canceled on Friday, it’s obvious that added precautions are being taken, Bartlett said.

If the federal government does not step in and offer financial assistance, the money will have to come from somewhere else, Bartlett said.

“It just means the taxpayers will have to come up with additional money,” he said. “They were going to cover the expenses in Chicago, so they need to cover them here.”

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