2012 a Good Session for Environmentalists

An April 10 Capital article discusses the success of the environmental community during the 2012 Session.  While several key pieces of environmental legislation failed, particularly the Administration’s wind bill and a proposed 5-cent charge on plastic bags (aka “the bag bill”) , several significant measures passed on the last day of Session, including a bill to limit development on septic systems and legislation requiring urban counties to enact a stormwater fee bill.  The stormwater fee bill was approved in the final minutes of the Session.

“With stormwater passing, I have no problem declaring this is the session for the bay,” said Alison Prost, Maryland executive director of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.  …

Also on the session’s last day, lawmakers gave final approval to a bill that further regulates when and where developments with septic systems can be built.  …

Environmentalists also scored a victory over the weekend, when lawmakers approved a doubling of the “flush fee” for most Marylanders, from $30 to $60 per year.  …

Lawmakers also approved a ban on using arsenic as an additive in chicken feed.

And the Chesapeake Bay Trust Fund — another source of money for battling pollution — got $25 million this year, considered a healthy amount by environmentalists.

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