Harford Considering Making Fire And Emergency Commission Permanent

Recent measures have been introduced before the Harford County Council to establish a permanent fire and emergency commission.

Harford County government could be getting a permanent fire and emergency commission, as well as a revamped human relations commission, if new bills are approved by the county council.

After oversight of the county’s fire and EMS services became a hot topic of debate several years ago, an emergency services master plan released in 2010 recommended a commission be formed.

The commission was established last February by executive order on a temporary basis, Bob Thomas, spokesman for Harford County Executive David Craig, said.

“The decision was made early last fall that indeed the commission was of value, made substantial progress and should be codified [in the county code],” Thomas said.

Read the coverage from the Baltimore Sun‘s ExploreHarford section, reposting from TheAegius.com.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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