Tuition Rates May Rise From Pension Shift

An opinion item in today’s

The Gazette discusses the potential for community college tuition to increase if counties are forced to absorb a massive pension shift:

Since community colleges came into being in Maryland some 70 years ago, the state government has assumed the cost of the pension/retirement system. This allowed colleges in less wealthy jurisdictions to attract outstanding faculty as they did not have to carry the pension burden. This process needs to continue.

FCC’s board of trustees is committed to keeping tuition and fees low. While we receive support from the state and county governments, our students have been asked to carry a greater percentage of the financial load. Complicating the issue, the state’s share has dropped below 20 percent during the past few years, forcing colleges to make tough financial decisions.

Frederick County and Frederick Community College should not be forced to pick up a greater share of the pension costs for faculty and staff.

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