St.Mary’s Launches Local Vender Preference Program

The St.Mary’s Board of County Commissioners has announced the launch of a new procurement policy that makes it simpler for firms to do business with the county.  The Local Vendor Preference Program creates a preference for vendors whose principal place of business is located within St. Mary’s County.

Commissioners say the goal is to increase spending with local vendors within St. Mary’s County. “It was an easy decision for us to approve the policy and this program.” said Commissioner President Jack Russell. “We now have a new policy which allows us to sustain our business community and keep more money in the county.”

“Similar programs in other counties created more paperwork and work for their staffs,” said Commissioner Dan Morris. “Our program provides additional points for our local vendors, is budget sensitive and simpler for everyone involved.”

For more information visit the St. Mary’s County website or EMaryland Marketplace for bid notices.

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