Caroline County Sounds Off on Teacher Pension Discussion

Caroline County Officials will be joined today by the Board of Education, volunteer fire service, municipal elected officials, law enforcement community, public library system, Chesapeake College, and the Chamber of Commerce amongst other groups to take  a stand against the pension shift.  The County is hosting a press conference today at 3pm. The agenda for the event is noted below:

  • Introduction of Issue & Attendees (Ken Decker, County Administrator)
  • Commissioner Remarks (Larry Porter, President)
  • BOE Remarks (Sandi Barry, President & Dr. Khalid Mumin, Superintendent)
  • Partner Remarks
    1. Law Enforcement – Capt. James Henning, Sheriff’s Office; support attendance by municipal police chiefs
    2. Libraries – Debby Bennett, Administrator; support attendance by Board of Trustee members
    3. Humane Society and Animal Control – Bonnie Johnson, Board Vice President
    4. Volunteer Fire Service – John Hurley, President, Caroline County Volunteer Fireman’s Association; support attendance by Chief’s Association leadership
    5. Municipalities – Dennis Porter, Mayor, Town of Denton; support attendance by municipal elected officials
    6. Higher Education – Dr. Barbara Viniar, President, Chesapeake College
    7. Economic Development – Bob Friday, Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce
  • Q&A with Press and Public

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