Harford County Officials, Public Employee Unions, and Non-Profits Unite to Stop the Shift

On Monday, February 27, Harford County held a press conference to vocalize the county’s opposition against the Governor’s proposed teacher pension shift.  The shift, which is estimated to cost the county $9.8 million in the first year, would have dire consequences for not only the county budget, but also for agencies that depend on county funding.

Executive Craig was joined by the Superintendent of Schools, members of the Board of Education, the Sheriff of Harford County, the director of the Public Library System, fire service leaders, public employee union representatives, and leaders of non-profit organizations.  Executive Craig stated:

“The Governor frequently reminds us that there are three cost drivers affecting teacher pensions: pension benefits, salary increase, and investment returns.  None of these things, however, are controlled by county governments. Rather than forcing counties to share in the funding of a system that is broken and by the state’s own admission unsustainable, the Governor and the General Assembly should address the long-term sustainability of the pension system before asking others to fund it.”

To read the full press release, follow this link.

Dr. Leonard Wheeler, Harford County School Board President stated:

“The Reconciliation Act is important to address in terms of pensions, but it’s one I reject because it would send us backwards.”

To watch video coverage of the press conference, check out WBAL’s coverage.
Additional coverage of the event:

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