Frederick County Streamlines Government Operations, Eliminates Management Services Division

The Frederick County Board of Commissioners announced that the Management Services Division has been eliminated and the reorganization of its department will take place immediately.  The announcement comes after continued discussion by the county to restructure in order to better align staff with services without increasing costs.

Board President Blaine Young stated:

“The Board of County Commissioners has continued to look for ways to streamline county government operations, and the restructuring of the Management Services Division will accomplish that goal with no employee layoffs or reductions in salaries.  This restructuring will provide savings of over $160,000 and allow the county to achieve additional savings for our taxpayers by moving forward with plans to place a county facility on the market.  The board continues to work to put the county in the best financial positions of strength to deal with the economy and continued state and federal budgetary impacts.”

For additional information, contact County Manager David Dunn.

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