Wicomico County Council Supports New School Construction

During a special legislative session on Tuesday the Wicomico County Council approved writing a letter to support construction on a new Bennett Middle School. The Council, whom previously deliberated on the funding of  the new middle school, voted this time in favor  (4-3) of writing a letter to accompany one already written by County Executive Rick Pollitt.

The Daily Times reports:

In the week since the council took its first vote, the state’s Interagency Committee on School Construction, given the lack of support from the County Council, began reappropriating millions of dollars it planned to give Wicomico County during the upcoming fiscal year to projects outside the region.

The committee was planning to move $3.85 million of $4.5 million to school construction and renovation projects on the western shore. If that money will now stay put given the County Council’s reversal remains to be seen.

The alternative funding plan, if approved by the County Council once it receives the operating budget for fiscal year 2013 in April, would bond $12.5 million for construction of the school during December.

Today, representatives from the Wicomico County Board of Education will speak with the Maryland Board of Public Works.

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