“Midday with Dan Rodricks” Raises Concerns With Homestead Tax Credit Program

As a follow-up to a Baltimore Sun Investigation on the State mandated Homestead Tax Credit, WYPR’s “Midday with Dan Rodricks” hears from Baltimore Sun reporters Jamie Smith Hopkins and Scott Calvert on the disparities in the application of the credit in Baltimore City, and Carl Stokes, chairman of the Baltimore City Council’s taxation committee, discusses his ideas for credit reform.  When clicking on the link, scroll down the page to the Wednesday, December 21 12 pm to 1 pm show.

The program also discusses policy issues arising from credits based on longevity — notably the equity issue raised by newer purchasers of similar properties, and reveals some likely errors and oversights compromising local revenue sources.

In addition, the program mentions a possible solution raised by one Baltimore City Delegate, Samuel “Sandy” I. Rosenberg – tie the size of the Homestead Credit cap to income.

Coverage of the Baltimore Sun investigation can be found on the MACo blog.

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