MDP: “We Will Deliver PlanMaryland To The Governor Next Week”

As the discussion and debate about both the process and substance of PlanMaryland has continued in recent weeks, an announcement at today’s Planning Directors’ Roundtable meeting appears to have answered one major lingering question.

At the roundtable meeting, Planning Secretary Rich Hall made a clear statement: “We will deliver PlanMaryland to the Governor next week.”

As of this writing, no details on this process are available, but the MDP PlanMaryland website has routinely kept up with public announcements, and MACo will also be tuned in for any further developments.

Click here for recent Conduit Street coverage of PlanMaryland.

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Edit, added Friday December 16:

The MDP website has a “timeline” feature that currently includes this entry:

Mid-December 2011

PlanMaryland Delivery to Governor O’Malley
Final PlanMaryland plan document will be delivered by Secretary Richard Hall to Governor Martin O’Malley.

Added December 19:

The Daily Times reports that the presentation will be made today in Annapolis:

Former governors Harry Hughes and Parris Glendening will join O’Malley in Annapolis on Monday for the presentation of PlanMaryland.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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