WYPR Begins Two-Part Series on PlanMaryland

On December 8 WYPR ran the first part of a planned two-part series on PlanMaryland, entitled “PlanMaryland Has No Shortage of Critics”.  The first part summarizes the views of some of the Plan’s staunchest critics and supporters.

Senator E.J. Pipkin, a Cecil County Republican, says it creates a statewide “land czar” who will control local land use decisions.  …

And Carroll County Commissioner Richard Rothschild insists he has inside information that there is a secret plan to create a state land use board.  … 

Senator Ron Young, a Frederick County Democrat, dismisses those charges as just so much political palaver aimed at voters in the next election.  … “They made statements about things that aren’t there.”  …

Dru Schmidt Perkins, director of the advocacy group 1000 Friends of Maryland, says that doesn’t mean local governments can’t make their own land use decisions. It just means the state won’t pay for some decisions.  …”Local governments can plan stupid, the state’s not going to pay for it.”

The segment also notes that it is “hard to say” what exactly is contained in PlanMaryland.

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