Roger Berliner and Andrea Harrison Assume Council Leadership Roles

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The Montgomery County Council elected Council Member Roger Berliner as its next President on December 6 for a one year term. He succeeds Valerie Ervin as Council President.  Council President Berliner has served on the Montgomery County Council since his election to office in 2006.  This is his first time serving as Council President.  He represents District 1 in Montgomery County.

The Prince George’s Council on December 6 elected Andrea Harrison to serve as Chairman for the next 12 months.  Council Chair Harrison was sworn into office May 19, 2008, following a special election to fill the seat left vacant by the gubernatorial appointment of David C. Harrington to a vacancy in the Maryland State Senate. She succeeds Council Member Ingrid Turner as Council Chair.  She was elected by her Council colleagues to serve as Vice-Chair for Legislative Year 2010. This is her first time serving as the Council Chair.  She represents District 5 in Prince George’s County.

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