Save Your County Money Through NACo Programs

Local governments across the country are facing tough fiscal choices driven by the weak economic climate and state budget cutting. The National Association of Counties (NACo) provides a number of programs that can save your county both time and money.

U.S. Communities Cooperative Purchasing Program
The U.S. Communities Cooperative Purchasing Program offers a great way for counties to save on nearly everything they purchase. The program has 20 contracts, which include office supplies, technology products, furniture, playground equipment, roofing materials and much more.

Online Supplier Directory
The Online Supplier Directory benefits members by enabling them to easily view a wide range of products and services. Suppliers may offer their products nationally, regionally or locally. In addition to searching for vendors providing products and services essential to governments, members may also find green businesses, find more competitive pricing and seek anonymously a Request For Information (RFI).

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