Allegany County Commissioners Reflect on Their First Year in Office

Having served almost a full year in office, Allegany County Commissioners Michael McKay, William Valentine and Creade Brodie Jr., took some time to reflect on the accomplishments of their first year.  As reported by the Cumberland Times-News:

“This experience of being a county commissioner has been challenging, rewarding, but most of all humbling,” McKay said, speaking on behalf of all three commissioners. His fellow commissioners agreed and all three, in later interviews, outlined what they said were their major accomplishments.

Commissioners highlighted their ability to manage during difficult economic times as an accomplishment.

“We cut the budget by nearly 2 million, cut property tax rate, cut (the county) work force … lost 2.2 million (dollars) in budgeted income, but finished the year with at least a small surplus during a severe economic downturn,” Valentine said.

Brodie agreed with Valentine’s assessment.

“We have trimmed our local government down to size and stabilized our property tax rate,” Brodie said. “We’re heading in the right direction.” Brodie said the year has been challenging but overall much more “good than bad.”

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