Maryland Concludes PlanMaryland Series

As previously reported on Conduit Street, the Maryland has published a series of four articles examining various aspects of PlanMaryland.

Part 1 was published on November 14 and discusses the origin of PlanMaryland, the purported need for the Plan, and concerns over local autonomy.

Part 2 was published on November 15 and discusses who has control of land use decisions under the Plan and the Plan’s incomplete state.

Part 3 was published on November 16 and further examines PlanMaryland’s structure and the issue of what would happen where the State and a local government disagree on a land use decision.

Part 4 was published on November 18 and discusses the potential role of the General Assembly in shaping PlanMaryland, stakeholder involvement, and whether the Plan’s implementation should be delayed until more aspects of the Plan are completed.  
The series includes the opinions of the Maryland Department of Planning, MACo, State and local elected officials, and other key stakeholder groups.

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