MACo Releases Comments on PlanMaryland Revised Draft

MACo has released new comments on the revised draft of PlanMaryland.  As previously reported on Conduit Street, MACo raised nine areas of concern and made 13 recommendations in its comments on the original PlanMaryland draft.  The revised comments analyze how many of those concerns and recommendations were addressed in the revised draft of the Plan.

Out of the 13 recommendations, MACo found that the revised draft addresses two recommendations, partially addresses eight concerns, and does not address four concerns.  In particular, MACo remains concerned about:  (1) State control of the designation process; (2) the role of local governments in collaboratively creating the designation criteria, State policies, and implementation strategies, and indicators; and (3) the need to fill in all of the existing “blanks” in the Plan before the designation process occurs.

MACo remains willing to work with the State and other stakeholders to address our outstanding concerns.

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