NACo Education Webinars for County Officials and Professionals

The National Association of Counties (NACo) offers an array of timely, practical education webinars for county officials and staff around the country.  There are a number of web-based education sessions offered during the months of October and November.  To register, click the links below.   For more information contact NACo’s Education and Training Associate Amanda Odorimah.


Clearning the Path to Disaster Recovery: Debris Management
(Wednesday, October 19, 2pm-3:15pm)
How would you manage large-scale debris removal and disposal operations as a result of a disaster in your county?  Counties with a debris management plan are better prepared to restore public services and ensure the public health and safety of residents after a disaster. Join this webinar to find out if your county is positioned to receive the full level of assistance from FEMA and other participating entities.  Hear about the key elements necessary to manage a large-scale debris operation.

Reducing Youth Detention Populations & Increasing Cost Saving Opportunities
(Thursday, October 27, 2:pm-3:15pm)
Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI) core strategies have been proven to reduce detention & costs, increase system fairness and improve the juvenile justice system overall without compromising public safety.  Join this webinar to find out how you can use JDAI strategies to lower your county’s juvenile detention population and increase cost savings.

There’s a Killer on the Road-What can be done about Roadway Departure Crashes?
(Thursday, November 3, 2pm-3:15pm)
During this webinar, receive a comprehensive look at the seriousness of roadway departure crashes, why it is such a problem on rural and isolated roads, and the counter measures that counties can implement to reduce the number roadway departure crashes.

Relieving Rush Hour Congestion-What Can Counties Do?
(Thursday, November 10, 2pm-3:15pm)
Demand for travel by Americans continues to grow as the population increases, particularly in metropolitan areas. Construction of new road capacity to accommodate this growth in travel has not kept pace. This challenge is especially acute during rush hour periods, and it can be costly due to loss in worker productivity. Join this webinar to hear about tools and resources (including Intelligent Transportation Systems) that counties can use to reduce the impacts of congestion, especially during rush hour.

The Importance of Planning for Continuity of Government/Operation
(Wednesday, November 16, 2pm-3:15pm)
Join this webinar to hear about the essential elements of a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) such as plans and procedures that delineate essential functions, specify emergency delegation of authority, provide for safekeeping of vital records, and identify alternate operating strategies.

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