Frederick Paper Backs School Board Taxing Authority

In an opinion piece published October 16, the Frederick News-Post has urged “serious consideration” of a potential proposal to allow that county’s elected school board to levy its own property taxes to support education services.

From the opinion piece:

By setting up two different taxing authorities, voters would be able to judge who is doing the best job with their tax dollars, increasing the level of scrutiny of tax dollars if school board members are elected.

This should be of great interest to many since approximately half of the county’s revenue is shifted annually to the school board’s budget. School officials received $233 million from the county in fiscal 2012 with the rest of its $517 million budget coming from the state, grants and other sources.

There would, of course, have to be some important details worked out, including how much the county tax rate would be lowered as well as the impact of the state mandated Maintenance of Effort.

According to the paper, the County Commissioners have considered asking their Delegation to introduce such enabling legislation in the January session of the General Assembly.

Read the full item here.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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