Anticipated FY 13 Budget Shortfalls Cause Wicomico School Officials to Contemplate Four Day School Week

The Daily Times is reporting that Wicomico County school officials are looking to make major cuts to the school budget next year in an effort to address anticipated budget shortfalls in the millions of dollars for FY 13.  Teacher layoffs and fewer school days are under consideration.

Based on revenue estimates, the school system is expecting a third year of heavy cuts with a shortfall between $5 million and $7 million predicted for next year — requiring what administrators say would be major operational changes.

Despite the $14 million in cuts made to the school budget by the County Council over the past two years, the school board has been able to make ends meet.  That will not be the case for the coming fiscal year.  The school board is appealing to the citizens to become involved in the budget discussions. A community budget awareness meeting about the district’s financial picture is being held in the Parkside High School auditorium tonight.

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