MACo Releases PlanMaryland Comments

MACo released its public comments on the first draft of PlanMaryland on August 30.  In its comments, MACo addresses nine areas of concern, including:

  1. Place Designation Process and Selection
  2. State Policies and Implementation Strategies
  3. Local Government Responsibilities
  4. Implementation Schedule
  5. Plan Indicators and Monitoring
  6. Plan Oversight
  7. Scope and Boundaries of the Plan
  8. Additional Time for Comment on the Second Draft of the Plan
  9. Future Participation in the PlanMaryland Drafting Process

MACo is hopeful that the concerns of the counties will be addressed in the second draft of the Plan, which is scheduled for public release on September 7, and is willing to work with the State and other stakeholders to remedy any subsequent remaining issues.

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