Save Your County Money Through NACo’s Programs

County officials are always looking for ways to cut costs, particularly when the economy is struggling and budgets are tight. The National Association of Counties (NACo) offers a number of programs that not provide cost saving measures for local governments, but also to residents.  Below are some of the programs and services offered through NACo.

  • NACo Prescription Discount Card Program:
    Launched in 2004 the program can save residents an average of 24% off of the full retail cost of prescription medications that are not covered under a traditional insurance plan, as well as some diabetic supplies.  There is no cost to NACo member counties or their residents to participate in the program.
  • NACo Dental Discount Program:
    NACo in partnership with Careington, Inc.  provides assistance to residents in member counties with cards that will save from 5% – 50% on a full complement of dental services.
  • NACo Deferred Comp Program:
    NACo in partnership with Nationwide Retirement Solutions, and state associations of counties, provides county employees with a Section 457 Deferred Compensation Program.  The program offers county employees a way to augment retirement savings while postponing the payment of federal, and in many cases, state income taxes.
  • U.S. Communities Cooperative Purchasing:
    A nationwide purchasing cooperative designed to be a procurement resource for local and state government agencies, school districts (K-12), higher education and nonprofits.
  • Find a Grant:
    Tools and information are provided through NACo on how to access federal grants that are available to county governments.  Information about foundation, corporate and NACo grants to counties is also included.

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