Calvert Commissioners Establish Redistricting Committee

The Calvert County Board of Commissioners recently authorized the formation of a 9 member redistricting committee.  As reported by Southern Maryland Newspapers Online:

The committee, modeled closely after a committee established by the board in 2002 after the 2000 census was taken, will consist of nine members, of which five will be appointed by the commissioners, one will be appointed by the Calvert County Democratic Central Committee, one by the Republican Central Committee, one by the League of Women Voters of Calvert County and one by the NAACP Calvert County branch.Once formed, the committee will analyze the most recent census data and report its recommendations for redistricting back to the board. Kathy O’Brien of Calvert County Technology Services will provide the current district boundaries mapped with 2010 census data, and a member of the Calvert County Board of Elections will oversee the committee.

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