St. Mary’s County Adds $750,000 to Board of Education Budget to Save Teachers

The St. Mary’s County Commissioners agreed on a split vote to give the board of education an additional $750,000 towards teacher salaries. The extra funds were added in an attempt to save 22 teacher positions eliminated due to budget cuts; 18 teachers have already received notification that they would not be rehired in June because of these cuts. The board of education was asking for $1.45 million to save these positions. The commissioners added $750,000 to the already proposed $76.3 million of local funds allocated to the board of education. From

However, the commissioners did not add any more dollars to prevent three unpaid furlough days for all school employees, which would cost nearly $1.5 million, and did not contribute $2 million for a retiree benefits trust fund for school employees.

Commissioner Todd Morgan (R) made the motion to add $750,000 more to schools to protect the teaching jobs and pointed out several specific areas where the school system could find more savings.

These specific areas included reconsidering participation in the Race to the Top and reevaluating maintenance reimbursement costs for school buses.

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