Controlled Deer Hunts Approved in Baltimore County Parks

On Monday, the Baltimore County Council approved an amended bill to allow controlled deer hunting in some Baltimore County parks. Amendments included that the hunts must be announced two weeks ahead of time and that hunts can only be conducted at night and with the supervision of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Additionally, all venison obtained from these hunts will be processed and donated locally. From the Baltimore Sun

A study conducted by the county Commission on Environmental Quality found that deer were causing severe damage in some parks — notably at Oregon Ridge in Cockeysville — leading to devastated greenery, and potentially increasing the spread of Lyme disease.

According to the commission, a healthy deer population at Oregon Ridge would be about 10 to 15 deer per square mile; the current population is eight times that size.

 The county will also consider other means of curbing the population of deer, including sterilization.

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