Differing Views on House Budget Plan

In a segment on WYPR  this morning, Joel McCord reports mixed reaction to the House Appropriations Committee recommendations for the State’s budget plan for FY 2012. Delegate Norman Conway, Chair of the House Appropriations Committee said his committee set out to meet the recommendations of state budget advisors to reduce the structural deficit by 33-and-a-third percent this year and exceeded expectations. They cut it by 40 percent.  He called the recommendations “frugal but fair.”

House Minority Leader Tony O’Donnell stated the recommendations did not go far enough because the panel cut only about six million dollars from the governor’s original plan.

“In the scheme of a $34 billion budget the actions this House took were virtually non-existent.”

The budget will be considered by the full House of Delegates today and Delegate O’Donnell indicated:

His party would offer amendments today, but would not detail them. He pointed to a budget plan House Republicans released earlier this month.

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