MACo Supports Bill to Constitutionally Prohibit Transfers to the General Fund

MACo offered support for HB 926 in the House Appropriations Committee with amendments offered by the sponsor to protect the local share of Highway User Revenues (HUR).   As introduced, the bill would constitutionally require funds that are dedicated for specific purposes to be used for that purpose and prohibit the transfer of these funds to the General Fund. This has become common practice to address budget shortfalls.

With respect to HUR, the bill would establish a mechanism to retain funds in the Transportation Trust Fund, but would not guarantee that local governments would maintain their share of HUR.  With the sponsors amendments, the bill would provide assurances to taxpayers that revenues are being used for their dedicated purpose, restore local government’s share of HUR to its traditional level of 30%, and express the State’s commitment to funding local roadways.

MACo Testimony on HB 926

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