Senate Accepts MACo Amendments to State Board of Master Electricians Bill

The Senate passed Senate Bill 235 (45-0) regarding the continuation of the State Board of Master Electricians with the amendments advocated by MACo during the bill hearing. MACo’s Legislative Committee expressed concerns about study language in the original bill, that seemed very prescriptive and directed toward eliminating local licensure for electricians. The MACo-recommended amendments sought to strip out that study, and they have now been accepted by the full Senate.

SB 235 would continue the State Board of Master Electricians and require the Board to adopt continuing education requirements for licensure.  MACo’s amendments to SB 235 removed language that required the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing within the Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation to convene a stakeholders group to make recommendations regarding the establishment of a State Board of Electricians.  As a part of these recommendations, the stakeholders would also recommend steps to preempt the right of a county or municipality to maintain local boards and to license electricians. The Senate bill includes MACo’s amendments which strikes this language from the bill.

HB 361, the House crossfile, did not contain the stakeholder study language as introduced.  This bill has already passed the House and is waiting to be scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee.  With the stakeholder study language now being struck from SB 235, both bills are now moving in the same form fully addressing MACo’s concern with the legislation.

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