MACo Testifies on Landfill Ban for Computers and Printer Cartridges

MACo Associate Director Les Knapp, Jr.  and James Pittman, Deputy Director of Recycling for Anne Arundel County’s Waste Management Division, testified in opposition to House Bill 473 before the House Environmental Matters Committee on March 2.  The bill, sponsored by Delegate A. Shane Robinson, would prohibit the disposal of a computer, computer monitor, or printer ink or toner cartridge in a landfill or incinerator.  There is no penalty associated with the prohibition.

The MACo panel cited the importance of recycling computers and printer cartridges and past support for voluntary and permanent computer recycling initiatives.  However, MACo raised concerns about the enforceability of the bill and the costs associated with county governments to screen landfill and incinerator loads for the prohibited waste.  Mr. Knapp questioned if a sustained education and awareness campaign would produce better compliance results.

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