Public School Construction Program Executive Director Addresses MACo’s Legislative Committee

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Dr. David Lever, the Executive Director of the Public School Construction Program, gave an overview of the FY 2012 Capital Improvement Program requests and proposed funding allocation for school construction and renovation.  The Governor recommended $250 million for school construction funding in his FY 2012 budget, maintaining a funding goal that has been a MACo legislative priority.  Funding requests topped $600 million for FY 2012.  Requests did reflect a continuing four year decline which Lever  attributes to the impact of the economic downturn on the availability of local funds as well as low construction costs.   The majority of funding requests are for systemic renovation versus new building.

Access Dr. Lever’s MACO Presentation here.

For information on the Interagency Committee on Public School Construction and the Public School Construction program and the current funding recommendations, go to their website.



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