Governor O’Malley to Deliver State of the State on Thursday

Governor Martin O’Malley will deliver the State of the State address Thursday February 3 at 12 noon.  In regards to the annual address, the Governor stated,

The people of Maryland, their skills and talents, innovation and education are what will move us forward into the new economy. Especially in these challenging economic times, we have to take every opportunity to connect with our families who are on the front lines, enduring the impact and building the recovery from this economic downturn. By continuing this critical dialogue, we can work together to create and save jobs for more Marylanders, improve public education, public safety, and our quality of life.

I share the frustration of many Marylanders who hope for a quick recovery process in these trying times. As we continue to promote policies that encourage business expansion, job creation, and economic progress, we must provide all available resources and information to those who find themselves struggling through no fault of their own. That is why our Administration is committed to openness and accountability for the people of our State – and that starts with engaging Marylanders as we find new ways to be a winner in this new economy.

In this changing new economy, we are in a fight for our children’s future. There is no better state positioned to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities than Maryland. We must do everything we can to protect our families and our children’s future.

The speech will be available for viewing online.

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