New State Employee Contract Calls For Raises, Bonuses

The MarylandReporter is carrying a story detailing a new contract, being voted upon by the State’s principal labor union AFSCME. From the report:

The proposed contract includes:

* A $750 bonus in fiscal year 2012, beginning July 1.
* Five paid furlough days – reclassified as paid administrative leave – for the years represented in the contract.
* Depending on revenues, a 2% COLA in 2013.
* Depending on revenues, a 3% COLA in 2014.
* If there are enough increased revenues, reinstating of step salary increases starting April 1, 2014.
* Guaranteeing raises for employees working at jobs above their current pay grades.
* Holding down increases in insurance costs for fiscal year 2012.

According to the Governor’s spokesman on the issue, Shaun Adamec, “[T]he provisions of the new contract should cost about $39 million in fiscal year 2012. However, the state is anticipating a savings of $40 million in the next fiscal year from employees who have taken buyouts, freeing up funds for the contract.”

Read the details in the full article here.

Michael Sanderson

Executive Director Maryland Association of Counties

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