Local Management Boards Request Full Funding Be Restored in Fiscal 2014

The Maryland Association of Local Management Boards (LMBs) recently sent a letter to Governor O’Malley advocating for full funding in fiscal 2014.  This letter is in response to a fund swap that occurred in the fiscal 2013 budget where earned reinvestment account dollars, which are a part of the Children’s Cabinet Interagency Fund, were used to replace $7.3 million in general funds  previously allocated to the LMBs.  This fund swap has depleted the balance in the earned reinvestment account for most counties and without additional general funds being provided, LMB funding will be reduced by $7.3 million in fiscal 2014, which is more than half of the LMB’s program funding.  These funds are used to provide grants to school wellness centers, after school programs, and lead testing programs to name a few.

From the Association’s letter:

On behalf of Maryland’s twenty-four Local Management Boards (LMBs) and the thousands of Maryland families we serve, we would request that the $7.3 million reduction in our funding in the FY 2013 budget be fully restored with general funds in FY 2014.  The fund swap that occurred in FY 2013 was proposed as a one-time action to backfill a one-time reduction in the budget. Further, it was indicated by the Department of Budget and Management that the FY 2014 budget would be restored to the level of funding in FY 2012.

Members of the Maryland Association of Local Management Boards are also members of MACo’s human services affiliate, the Maryland Association of County Human Services Administrators.

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