Governor O’Malley Scales Down Second Inaugural Ceremony

In an effort to achieve significant cost savings in the face of Maryland’s severe budget deficit, Governor Martin O’Malley’s second inaugural ceremony will be a more scaled-down and subdued affair. As characterized by The Capital: “There may be some circumstance, but the pomp will definitely be lacking.”

The major cut to the day’s proceedings is the removal of the governor’s traditional parade through Annapolis. Additionally, the formal inaugural banquet in Baltimore has been down-sized to a “cocktail business attire” event.  These changes contribute to a $15,000 savings in police overtime (as compared to the 2007 inaugural celebration) because fewer officers will need to be posted over a shorter period of time on the day of the inauguration. O’Malley’s spokesperson commented that the changes were easy decisions to make during such austere financial times. To read more about the governor’s inaugural ceremony changes and ticket information, click here.

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