Newly Elected Official Profile: Tom Bradshaw & Michael McKay

Photo Courtesy of Tom Bradshaw

Tom Bradshaw
Dorchester County, Council Member, District 5

Wearing many hats in his lifetime in Dorchester County, Tom Bradshaw has learned about his county’s resources from the ground up. In his first job he learned about the seafood industry, working around a crab house and delivering seafood. Next he got a good look at the timber industry, hauling everything from raw logs to finished products. Being a volunteer fireman, driving a school bus and a farm truck brought him close to another county resource: its people. He had opportunities to talk with school teachers, business owners, farmers, watermen and loggers, and to learn about their concerns. Over-regulation and government disregard for its constituents are issues he hopes to change with a common sense approach.

Currently Bradshaw and his family run a small grocery store and deli. While this new venture consumes most free time, Bradshaw’s extra-curricular interests cover a wide array of subjects. He is an artist who enjoys drawing, painting, and decoy carving, a dad who enjoys tinkering with antique Cub Cadet tractors with his boys, and an amateur local historian who is curator of the Vienna Heritage Museum and past president of the Vienna Heritage Foundation.  He hopes to add author to his resume when he finishes co-writing a book about the history of a local plantation.

Photo Courtesy of Michael McKay

Michael McKay
Allegany County, Commissioner, At Large

With a background in business, Michael McKay brings methodical and team building skills to local government. After studying at the Citadel and the University of Maryland, McKay began his entrepreneurial career as a gas station owner in Prince George’s County, but soon found his true calling in the dry cleaning business. In 2010 Allegany County’s Chamber of Commerce recognized his achievement in the field by awarding him its coveted Entrepreneurial Spirit Award.

McKay says that because Allegany County is located in a Tri-State Area, cooperating with bordering states Pennsylvania and West Virginia, as well as with neighboring  Garrett and Washington Counties, is paramount. The governments must work together on joint projects such as the North/South Appalachian Highway

McKay and his wife Kimberly live on historical Washington Street in Cumberland with their children: Courtney, Mason, Madison, Matthew, Joshua and Julian. All are actively involved in the faith-based community of the Tri-State Area.

As the father of six, McKay is an advocate for children, and as Director of the Transportation Unit for the Shriners, he sees that those in need get to hospitals in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Erie for medical treatment. He also enjoys playing Santa Claus each year at his children’s Pre-Kindergarten. Last December the jolly man in the red suit also dropped in on Allegany County Government offices to enjoy afternoon tea and cookies with employees.

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