MACo 2011 Winter Conference Session – Making the Grade: County/School Board Roles and Relationships

Maryland is justifiably proud of its public school system, which has been ranked #1 for two years in a row by Education Week.  Counties play an important role in this effort by providing critical funding for education and public school construction.  The typical county spends more on education than all of its other expenditures combined.  The relationship between the State, county government, and a local school board is complex but vital to understand.  Speakers will discuss the education funding process, school construction funding, the role of collective bargaining, and the interplay that occurs between the key stakeholder groups.  Speakers include:

Nancy Grasmick, PhD, State Superintendent of Schools

David Lever, R.A., D.A., Executive Director, Public School Construction Program

Thomas A. Carr, President, Maryland Association of Boards of Education and Vice President, Garrett County Board of Education

Clara Floyd, President, Maryland State Education Association

Conference registration information can be found on the MACo website.

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