Process Criticized, Support Expressed for Teacher Pension Shift

As reported by, the Maryland State Education Association is criticizing the process undertaken by the Benefit Sustainability Commission.

The executive director of the state teachers’ union said the process being used by the commission considering changes to state pensions was “offensive,” rushed, and lacked both details and consultation with affected employees.

“The whole discussion has been how are we going to cut costs,” David Helfman, executive director of the Maryland State Education Association, told reporters Thursday at a briefing. “There’s no indication that it’s being done in good faith.”

Casper Taylor Jr., the former House of Delegates speaker who heads the commission, denied most of Helfman’s complaints. “I think we’ve been very consultative,” Taylor said. “We have had a complete actuarial analysis.”He said one of the issues affecting the state budget was whether to transfer some of the cost of teacher pensions to the counties, as he and others favor.

Additional coverage can be found in the Baltimore Sun.

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