Four Counties “Clean Sweep” Incumbents

Voters in Allegany, Carroll, Garrett, and Queen Anne’s will see substantial change in their elected officials this cycle.  Allegany County, which voted out its incumbent Commissioners in the primary, has three new Commissioners taking office in January, Mike McKay, Creade Brodie, Jr., and Bill Valentine.   Extended coverage can be found in the Cumberland Times-News.

Allegany County Commissioner Bob Hutcheson, currently serving as MACo’s First Vice President, was among those defeated in the primary results. Commissioner Hutcheson has served as Commissioner since 2000, and on the MACo Board of Directors since 2007. (See MACo’s previous coverage of the Allegany and Garrett primary race.)

Carroll County is experiencing numerous changes. Previously a three-member board elected-at-large, this is the first cycle that a five-member, by district board has been elected.  In addition, the two incumbents running for re-election were voted out in the primary, leaving the county to elect five new Commissioners in the general election.  Extended coverage can be found in the Carroll County Times.

New members are Robin B. Frazier, Haven Shoemaker, Dave Roush,Richard S. Rothschild, and Doug Howard.  The two incumbents who lost in the primary are Carroll County Commissioner Julia Gouge, a MACo Past President and current Legislative Committee member, and Michael Zimmer, who also serves on MACo’s Legislative Committee.  (See MACo’s previous coverage of the Carroll County primary race.)

Garrett also saw two of its incumbent Commissioners lose in the primary; one was MACo’s current Board member Fred Holiday.  The third Commissioner won in the primary, but passed away prior to the general election, leaving the seat vacant.  New Garrett County Commissioners include Greg T. Crawford, Jim Raley, and Bill Welch.

Queen Anne’s County only had one incumbent Commissioner seeking re-election, Commissioner Paul Gunther, who was defeated in the general election.  New Queen Anne’s County Commissioners include Steven J. Arentz, David L. Dunmyer, Bobby Simmons, Phil Dumenil, and David Olds.

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